Turn Your Morning Latte into Life Lessons

Imagine walking into your local coffee shop. Whenever you catch up with your friends over a plate of fresh-baked pastries or grab a cup of joe on your way to work, you support a comprehensive job training and placement program for out-of-school and out-of-work young adults. You can get that experience at GrandLo Café.
GrandLo Café, a social enterprise of Grand St. Settlement, provides youth who aren’t in school and aren’t working—with meaningful job skills. It’s more than a job training program. It’s a community that supports young people, many who are facing difficult life circumstances and might not be able to join the workforce. In addition to hard skills like kitchen math, cashiering, food handler’s licensing, and cafe management, our job training program teaches soft skills like customer service, interviewing strategies, and workplace accountability. We also bring Grand St. Settlement’s full array of community supports to the table, helping our trainees secure housing, education, healthcare, and childcare so they can devote more of their time to school and a career.
When youth who are not in school or not working are not highly engaged in effective training and education, they face criminal involvement, gang violence, pregnancy, sexual health issues, emotional and social problems, and barriers to educational achievement. This investment is remarkably cost-effective when compared to incarceration. The Vera Institute for Justice estimated that the cost to incarcerate a person at New York City’s Rikers Island for one month is $17,417, while our job training program is a fraction of the cost.


Strengthening neighborhoods in the Lower East Side and Brooklyn is central to Grand St. Settlement’s work. We currently support more than 10,000 New Yorkers of every age, and doubled our number of program sites in 2016 to reach more of our neighbors! Here's just a small sampling of our impact.
  • 94% of all 4-year-olds in our early childhood programs met or exceeded development goals for their age.
  • We provided 3,000 hours of hands-on learning to our 6,000 youth.  We served 36,000 healthy meals to seniors last year.
  • Almost 300 households were connected to benefits like healthcare, childcare, housing, and nutrition assistance.


We benefit from the expertise of a board of directors whose collective expertise and experience helps ensure that GrandLo Café is a success.

  • President Sylvia Montero, Board Member, Grand St. Settlement
  • Treasurer Mario Tufano, Board Memeber, Grand St. Settlement
  • Secretary Judia Black, Board Member, Grand St. Settlement
  • Tenille Pham Skelton, Board Member, Grand St. Settlement
  • David Lee, Board Member, Grand St. Settlement
  • William Hubbard, Associate, Kirkland & Ellis
  • Kaye Kirschner, Mastercard
  • Sumya Ojakli, Board Member, Grand St. Settlement
  • Susan Pernick



GrandLo Café is generously supported by:


  • Delancey Street Associates
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Susan Pernick
  • The Frances L. & Edwin L. Cummings Memorial Fund
  • Wells Fargo
  • Toni H. and Kenneth W. Liebman
  • Joyce J. Lee
  • Sylvia M. Montero
  • Ralph W. Rose and Anna Holmgren
  • David Kramer
  • Robert & Glorisel Cordero
  • Robert Fraiman & Melanie Harris
  • Scott & Laura Gewirtz
  • Golding-Gerson Family
  • Amy & Tony Pasquariello
  • Tenille Pham Skelton & Travis Skelton


168 Broome St.
Lower East Side, NY

8am-6pm Weekdays
9am-1pm Weekends